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Ick’s Pick (Week XX): Jason Lytle

I got sucked right into grandaddy‘s beautiful space pop when I heard their amazing album The Sophtware Slump way back in old ’00. A couple of albums later, front man Jason Lytle decided to call it quits (after releasing Just Like the Fambly Cat in 2006). He packed up his gear and moved to the Bridger Mountains around Bozeman, Montana. I opined back then that the clean Big Sky air would likely result in something cool in the not too distant future. Well it took three years, but here we have it: Jason’s debut solo album, Yours Truly, The Commuter.

The sound and feel of the music doesn’t stray far from the grandaddy sound – gorgeous melodies, unique lyrics, and an infusion of experimental electronic sounds into indie/folk based songs. There’s a sweet and gentle quality to Jason’s music, with an undercurrent of bittersweet sadness.

And it’s the dreamy, floating, melancholic tunes that I gravitate towards most on this record. The last half dozen songs have this area covered… “Fürget It” transitioning into the slow waltz of “This Song Is The Mute Button”; followed by “Rollin’ Home Alone”, “You’re Too Gone”, “Flying Through Canyons”, and “Here for Good”.

After hearing these, I can guarantee you won’t be cheered up. But that’s obviously not the intent. The self-imposed exile that Jason imposed on himself – from Modesto, Calif. to Montana – obviously sparked some soul searching, and the result is a sublime but sort of downcast collection of songs (if you ignore “It’s the Weekend”, an out of place ode to Saturday).

It’s all summed up during “I Am Lost (and the moment cannot last)” -“On mountain high / I’ll say goodbye / My concerns have been confirmed / I am lost

Jason Lytle’s Montana days have yielded a great album, but hey – friends of Jason – sounds like he needs some company!

BUY Yours Truly, The Commuter (Amazon)

Watch the video for “I Am Lost (and the moment cannot last)”

Visit: Jason’s Official Site | MySpace

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