Girl in a Coma

As a music lover whose listening habits tend to lean heavily in favor of male artists, it’s always refreshing to stumble upon some quality female rockin’ and rollin’. Girl in a Coma are a trio of heavily inked young ladies from San Antonio, Texas, and these girls rawk.

They rock so hard that they caught the ear of one of the genre’s matriarchs: Joan Jett. She snapped them up quickly, signing GIAC to her Blackheart Records label. Their second album on the label is Trio B.C., just released on June 2nd.

They get it all started with “BB”, a power packed tune with a hint of that tex-mex twang amidst the madness. Lead singer and guitarist Nina Diaz immediately shows off her sassy, f–k you vocals. Backing her up are sister Phanie on drums, and Jenn Alva on bass. Don’t let the lo-fi first verse fool you. The hi-fi immediately follows.

The album is full of great power trio pop-rock-punk with a ton of catchy hooks – and Nina’s vocals really shine through it all. Impressive.

Hear: BB (mp3) – Also highly recommended is “Trail“.

Visit: Official Site | MySpace


  • matt w

    I could see this on my ipod. That is,if and when I get this dispute about new computer/existing ipod library settled with Apple. I mean, seriously, why should I have to pay $30+ to back up my ipod to a new computer when I’ve already paid for all the music on it?
    I digress, I like this band.
    Hiya Pete!

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