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Incoming: Gaslight Anthem, Citizen Cope

My next two shows are in the books…

The Gaslight Anthem – September 15th – Martini Ranch, Scottsdale | I’m not crazy about the venue – right in the heart of Old Town Snottsdale – but for Brian Fallon and the boys of Gaslight Anthem, I will endure the surrounding douchery. They’re fresh off a summer festival season highlighted by a couple of guest appearances by fellow Jersey boy Bruce Springsteen, and hallelujah, they’re back in Arizona for their second appearance in 6 months. Bless you boys.

The Gaslight AnthemBoomboxes and Dictionaries (mp3)  |  Official Site | Tour Dates

Citizen Cope – September 25th – Marquee Theater, Tempe | About as laid back of a stage presence as you’ll find, Citizen Cope brings the cool with a really unique mix of earthy soul & roots music. I really enjoyed my first Cope show in the same venue a year and a half ago. Part of  what made it great was the presence of sexy soul songstress Alice Smith. I think she’s still tagging along with Cope – here’s hoping she’s part of it again.

Citizen CopeHurricane Waters (mp3) | Official Site | Tour Dates


  • Pete

    I’ve actually only seen a local band play at M.R., and that was 10-12 years ago. Glad to hear you like the venue. Gotta be better than that sweat box the Clubhouse… you going to Gaslight again, Kev?

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