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Buzz Cason’s Sentimental Attitude

Oh here’s a nice one. Sort of like Rodney Crowell singing an up-tempo 60’s Bob Dylan tune. The singer is Buzz Cason.

When I heard the song this morning on Sirius Outlaw Country, I pictured Buzz as a younger 20/30-something alt-country rabble rouser a la Todd Snider. Come to find out Buzz was born in 1939 and was a backup singer for Elvis in the 70’s.  Whaaa?   But that doesn’t do justice to his career accomplishments. Read his bio here, with name drops like U2 and the Beatles.

And enjoy this catchy, quick Nashvillian shit-kicker of a number….

Hear: Sentimental Attitude (mp3)

From his new album, Busload of Love.

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