A Quick Nod to Rick James


I’d just like to know… how in the holy hell is it possible that we live in a world without Rick James?? Yeah yeah, we all know Rick was certainly no angel. I mean, no upstanding citizen would hold someone hostage as a sex slave for six days and torture her with a crack pipe. But it’s crazy nonetheless to think that he’s been gone for more than five years.

I’m still working on getting my Rick James digital collection filled out – several of his vinyl albums sit tucked away in a shelf next to where I sit now – but I have managed to get his 1981 classic, Street Songs (featuring his biggest hit, “Superfreak”), which is my favorite album, along with Cold Blooded.

A tip o’ the hat to you, Rick, wherever you may be. Any fan of the funk worth his salt owes a debt of gratitude to you… I hope the J is being passed your way.

Check Out: Street Songs (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)


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