New Music from Deer Tick, Grace Potter & the Nocturnals, What Laura Says

It’s Tuesday, June 8th – also known as a good day for new music in my world. Have a look at this trifecta of aural goodness.

First off, check out Deer Tick‘s new one, The Black Dirt Sessions (Amazon) now available for only $3.99. Rootsy and gritty rockin’ folk music.

Jamband sexpot songstress Grace Potter & her Nocturnals release their fourth full length record. a self-titled album ($5.99). It seems like I’m am always crossing paths with Grace’s music, and I enjoy it more and more as times passes.

Arizona band doin’ good What Laura Says release Bloom Cheek today ($7.99). Retro psychedelic sounds, Beatles-influenced harmonies; fresh and unique sounds – definitely worth a listen.

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  • Judd6149

    Deer Tick: you turned me on to them last year (thanks!). I have chomping at it waiting for this one, i had a listen on Spotify yesterday. This has a slow-burn feel to it for me.

    I like that. I was expecting revved up engines and skid marks left on pavement after the first few songs. The album has a warm, waking up feel to the start up it. As it goes, and you go with it, the pace quickens. Once you get to “Mange” (song 6), the “Tickers” stop riding the brakes…that piano > guitar > GUITARS piece is bow-down material.

    I am on listen #2 right now…of course, front to back, songs 1-10′ the entire album!

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