Prince’s 52nd Birthday

Shout out to The Kid today, as June 7th marks the occasion of Prince Rogers Nelson‘s 52nd birthday – a milestone that Prince himself will choose to ignore, as Jehovah’s Witnesses tend to do.

So what is the State of Prince at the moment? Not much this year, it appears, at least from a fan perspective. There is a brand new issue of Ebony that features an interview, which I haven’t picked up yet. But as far as music goes, his last effort was the triple CD release of Lotusflow3r last year. Seems so long ago, right? It was March 2009 when we saw a flurry of activity with the release of Lotusflow3r, MPLSound, and ladyfriend Bria Valente’s Elixir album – along with three straight nights on Jay Leno, and a special series of shows in Los Angeles. It also saw the debut of – which offered fans the chance to enter Prince’s online universe at a fee of $77 (nope, didn’t bite).

2009 carried on, and, except for a few one off performances here and there (mostly overseas), Prince’s enthusiasm for the project apparently faded quickly. Once again, no tour. In fact, it has been six years since Prince has toured (Musicology was the last).

So once again we’re faced with a lull in Prince Land. Even has gone offline, and we’re looking again at a major artist who chooses not to have an official online presence in the 21st century – a concept that befuddles me.

There is one bright spot this year, however, and that’s the re-emergence of quality Prince videos on YouTube. He’s either given up the fight, or his attention has shifted elsewhere. But it’s good for us, as all sorts of good stuff is popping up again.

For me, I look to the 80’s. This video (parts 1 and 2 below) was filmed in Atlanta on the Purple Rain tour. It was late 1984 during Christmas break when Friday Night Videos aired this entire performance of “I Would Die 4 U” and “Baby I’m A Star.” Other than the performance footage in Purple Rain, this was my first glimpse into Prince as a live performer. I was 14 years old, I had just discovered this eccentric, indefinable force of an artist, and – needless to say (because here I am 26 years later talking about it) – I was just blown away.

Here’s a 26 year old Prince at the top of his game. Prince the showman; Prince the presence, the undisputed ringleader.

UPDATE: There’s a new Prince song making the rounds today. It’s called “Hot Summer“, and here it is…


  • Shelley

    Wishing Prince grace, peace and endless love on this day of his birth… also thanking him for all the music that has been a huge part of my life…

    One Love to you Prince…

  • Holly

    Hey i luvvvvv u Prince n i hope u have good bday (even though u r a Jehovah’s Witnesses) but still have a good 1 4 us!!!!
    I wish u grace n i wish u luv n i hope u find the 1 n hope u will live happily eva afta!!!♥
    May u live 2 c the dawn (of cource u will ur Prince♥)

  • Mama

    Prince you are untouchable. I have been a fan since I was 11 years old, and now my kids are too, hoping we can all go see you in concert soon. And what more can I ask for as a huge fan, the fact that you are my spiritual brother fills my heart with joy beyond words. Love you always and yes thanks for talent and “real” music throughout the years.

  • Phinalove

    How I miss The Revolution! Thank you Pete for sharing this video. The 80s were such a great time for music and watching this band progress through music videos was truly inspiring. Prince, to you, I pray you find peace and happiness in this year and all the rest! Please keep the music coming, keep us inspired, and keep us dancin’!

  • Gonzo

    Prince actually swung a deal with YouTube – they’re actually paying HIM for the right to host the videos. This blows my mind. I’ll dig up documentation later.

    New song – so so.

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