Attention United States Record Executives and Employees!!!!!

As the Chicago Blackhawks made their way to winning the Stanley Cup, did anyone notice the theme song they adopted? “Chelsea Dagger” by The Fratellis, one of many great bands that hail from the United Kingdom. Seeing thousands of Blackhawk fans (and hockey fans) sing this song over and over again warms my heart being the Brit rock maniac that I am. It also serves as a notice. If any of you reading this blog work for US record labels, I am begging you to vanquish that tired old bias that goes back to the Beatles regarding British music. “It’ll never sell here” has been proven wrong time and again and Chelsea Dagger, I’m hoping, is the final piece of evidence that proves that Brit rock is amazing, not just in style but in potential sales as well. Download and ringtone sales have gone through the roof in the last few weeks with this track. Industry people, you are looking at a potential goldmine filled with amazing music that large quantities of American Idol bored people are going to lap up like kittens with milk. Any one of you could be the person to revive a somewhat stale industry that is in need of some serious fire…quality fire! Absorb NME every week and make it a point to give these bands a real chance in our country. You can start with Paul Weller’s new album, Wake up the Nation (review by me coming soon). It has at least two or three hits on it that will sell like salt and butter at a popcorn store. Be King Arthur and take the sword from the Lady in the Lake. You won’t be disappointed.

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