My Dove, My Lamb

Today, I developed a case of the blahs. Without good reason, really. I’m blessed. Family, work, health…all great, no complaints. But sometimes, even when all’s well, that crap feeling can creep in and take hold. I think they call it part of living.

So tonight I decided to seek out some soul soothing music. Something to take me to that cathartic, introspective place that only good music can. I found it in Phosphorescent with their 2007 album Pride.

I found it particularly in the nine minute and twenty-five second “My Dove, My Lamb”. Seven of the most gorgeous and touching verses put to song. I don’t particularly like linking to those shitty, dime-a-dozen lyrics sites, but you really should listen to this song and read the lyrics. Breathtaking, really…

So even in these cities where she’s haunting me
Even when my weariness is wanting me
Even when my wickednesses want to breathe
Even in these dirty clubs counting 1-2-3
I will keep a singing til I no more can
My dove my dove my lamb

The whole album has a very spiritual quality to it – lots of harmonies, lots of reverb, and best of all, singer Matthew Houck’s voice – delicate but resolute. Definitely not a record you’d pull out and play for your friends on a Saturday night. Rather, I find it’s more of a companion record – one that a listener can form an individual bond with.

Love this band, and love this tune…

PhosphorescentMy Dove, My Lamb (mp3) – from Pride


Phosphoresccent’s Official Site

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