Friday Five

The Friday Five: July 8, 2011

Friday Five

Friday Five : ‘frī-(,)dā,-dē ‘fīv : On the sixth day of every week, I hit the shuffle button on my iTunes, then share the first five tracks and thought for each track. Sometimes there is a playlist involved, occasionally we’ll have a guest, but most of the time it’s just me. The rest is up to you, our friends and readers! Fire up your media player of choice and share the first five random track of your shuffle in the comments.

The Five:

“Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning)” by Vertical Horizon (from Everything You Want, 1999)

I particularly like the version of this that Vertical Horizon leader Matt Scannell and Richard Marx perform on their Duo Live record.

“The Warrior (feat. Patty Smyth)” by Scandal (from Rock of the 80’s, Volume 14, 1994)

I never understood the whole “featuring Patty Smyth” thing. It struck me much in the same way as Maze featuring Frankie Beverly. I mean, is it Maze without Frankie Beverly?

“Soundtrack” by The Damnwells (from One Last Century, 2009)

After you leave your Five in the comments, you should check out this excellent live performance by Alex of The Damnwells.

“Everything She Wants” by Wham! (from Make It Big, 1984)

I’m far less ashamed to admit my love for Wham! now, than I was when I was 10.

“Heart and Soul” by Huey Lewis & The News (from Time Flies… The Best of Huey Lewis & The News, 1996)

It’s, like, a totally awesome ’80s one-two punch to close out this week’s Friday Five!

What’s on your shuffle today?


  • Mike Duquette

    Goodness, three ’80s hits? Tough act to follow.

    1. John Mayer, “Belief” (from Continuum, 2006): “Continuum” is as great blues-pop as the follow-up, “Battle Studies,” was infuriatingly middle-of-the-road (the mediocrity further compounded by the guy being a 24/7 asshole in public). I remember downloading a lot of live Mayer in the years leading up to this record, and he was playing a primitive version of this as early as 2004. Different lyrics but the same hypnotic guitar figure.

    2. Marvin Gaye, “I Love the Ground You Walk On” (from What’s Going On: 40th Anniversary Edition, 2011): How much you like WGO will determine how much you need this 2 CD-with-vinyl super-deluxe set. It’s not a patch on the 30th anniversary edition from ’01, but some of the instrumental jams, including this one, are nice to listen to while sitting outside and enjoying the weather.

    3. Weezer, “Hold Me” (from Make Believe, 2005): Apologies if I’ve said this joke before, but Weezer’s three best albums are their first two and the best material that followed from their other seven albums. This power chord-heavy tune is not one of them; it veers toward the banal, lyrically speaking, and sounds like it should be over the end credits of a particularly boring romantic comedy. I still love “Perfect Situation” off this album, though.

    4. Michael Jackson, “Greatest Show on Earth” (from Ben, 1972): A wildly extended simile comparing romance to…the circus. Motown made Michael sing some weird stuff. Pretty harmonies and a nicely resolved chorus, though.

    5. Billy Joel, “Get It Right the First Time” (from The Stranger, 1977): One of two deep cuts from this album that nobody seems to care about. That “la-la-la” bit between the chorus and verses is stupidly addictive, though.

  • Anonymous

    A lovely Friday to all and a very Happy Birthday to my grandson Alex!

    1.  “For The Love Of Money” – The O’Jays – “Ship Ahoy”
    2.  “Blues After Hours” – Clifton Chenier – “Clifton Sings The Blues”
    3.  “Fall At Your Feet” – Crowded House – “Recurring Dream: The Very Best
    4.  “More Than I Can Say” – Leo Sayer –  “The Very Best Of”
    5.  “Thunder Rail” – Austin Lucas – “A New Home In The Old World”  (Very nice!)

  • dslifton

    “Bill Bailey, Won’t You Please Come Home” – Bobby Darin. Ah, the days when all you had to do to have a hit was take a public domain folk song and put a beat behind it.
    “Belong” – R.E.M. (MTV Unplugged). A rare live version of the weakest song on Out Of Time.
    “Paradise By the ‘C'” – Bruce Springsteen (Alabama 9-29-78). Sniff.
    “Goin’ To New York” – Jimmy Reed. Not one of Reed’s best, but hey, it’s about my hometown.
    “One Of These Good Old Days” – Al Green. Saturday night baby-making music on a Friday morning with no women around. Somebody please throw hot grits on me.

  • Anonymous

    “Rave On” by Cults from Cults (2011). This is such a fun record. One of my favorites of the year, so far.
    “Open Your Heart” by Madonna from True Blue (1986). I can’t believe True Blue is 25 years old.
    “Room 13” by Black Flag from Damaged (1981). Madonna followed by Black Flag is an interesting twist in the mix.
    “Veronika” by Tim & Jean from Like What (2011). I am 100% obsessed with this Aussie duo. If you like bands like Passion Pit and Chromeo, I recommend checking them out.
    “Saved” by LaVern Baker from Shag Soundtrack (1989). “I used to smoke, drink and dance the hoochie-koo.”

  • Anonymous

    1. Steve Earle — “You Know The Rest” (El Corazon). Humorous harmonica driven blast that provides the musical equivalent of the “yada, yada, yada” bit from Seinfeld with throwaway lyrics that reference Moses and Robert Johnson.

    2. Brian Blade Fellowship — “Red River Revel” (self-titled). With both this album and the follow-up Perceptual, the jazz drummer showed what a true jazz collective can do with evocative soundscapes.

    3. Ryan Adams — “Answering Bell” (Gold). Laid-back rocker brimming over with twangy guitar and warm organ hues.

    4. J.J. Johnson — “Thelonious The Onliest” (Heroes). I’m not surprised the late jazz trombonist used to score films and television in the 70s. There is definitely a cinematic quality here with a looming ominous buildup that suggests something menacing lurking around the corner.

    5. Buddy Guy — “Moanin’ And Groaning” (Blues Singer). Playfully agile vocals and blues guitar pickin’ from one of the genre’s finest practitioners.

  • EightE1

    Jason Isbell, “Brand New Kind of Actress.”  Just put the piece away.

    Monotonix, “Give Me More.”  More rock than I can stand.  More? More? More?  Yes, more.  Gotta have it.  Give it to me now.

    Limp Bizkit, “Nookie.”  In which Durst and his merry band of sociopaths took hold of the zeitgeist and smashed it into a million little pieces (you actually hear it happen at the end of the track).

    Bob Mould, “Spiraling Down.” No one’s ever written a song about me, either.

    Rolling Stones, “Love is Strong.” Always loved the fact that the band that in 1981 got “You make a dead man come” onto the radio (well, the line was heard on the radio; no dead men actually ejaculated, that I’m aware of) got the line “You make me hard” on rock radio in ’93.  Think Springsteen coulda done that? McCartney?  I think not.  AC/DC, maybe.

  • BillC

    10th Avenue Freeze Out-16 minute version from Live in NYC.  When the Big Man joins the Band, I got goosebumps.
    Give The Music Back-The Hooters from Zig Zag.  Fairly non-descript, but nice hair.
    Poor Fractured Atlas-Elvis Costello&Steve Nieve live at the Troubador.  This is s a great set.  Very subdued and very cool.
    Graham Parker-If I can’t Capture her Imagination from Loose Monkeys. Usually when an artist releaases a bunch of non-released stuff you know why. Not so here. Great song.
    Double Shot of My Baby’s Love-Bruce from Lost and Live-Wow. Gonna be a great weekend.  This is a song by the Swinging Medallions, a local (at least to me) “Shag” band. This is there one and only hit.  Bruce says it is the greatest fraternity rock song of all time.  He is right. 

  • Pete

    Thanks for keeping my site alive Michael!!  😉 Lord know I haven’t been doin’ diddly…

    1. Steve Earle – “City of Immigrants” – A+.

    2. Jimmy Buffett – “Ragtop Day” – I’m a casual Buffett fan, and have the ‘Boats, Beaches, Bars and Ballads’ box set. Can’t say I’m crazy about most of the songs on it. This is a prime example. 

    3. Rolling Stones – “Imagination” – Can’t touch the original by the Temps, but great tune on a great late 70’s Stones album ‘Some Girls’).

    4. Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers – “Letting You Go” – Hard Promises!! Maybe my favorite Petty album. 

    5. Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band – “Born to Run” – A live one from Coliseum Night. It’s a classic rock party!

    • BillC

      Y’know there was a time in my youth in South Florida when Jimmy Buffett was a great singer/songwriter.  Some of his early work is truly magical.  But those days are long gone. He has gone from being a troubadour to a caricature of himself.  Everytime I hear Margaritaville on Sirius I cringe. 

      • Zack Stiegler

        Yeah, when Buffet went from dude with a guitar to yuppie draw with backup singers, brass, etc., it went to shit.  My parents looooove Jimmy Buffet.  I can’t really stand anything beyond his ’70s stuff.

  • Matt Springer

    I spat out this week’s Five from my new and growing Rdio library. Still playing with it. (thatswhatshesaid)

    1. “I Could Say,” Lily Allen (It’s Not Me, It’s You) – A nice album cut from her second record. Every time I hear Lily Allen, I wonder why I don’t listen to more Lily Allen.

    2. “Victoria,” Old 97s – A band I’ve never gotten into enough. Cue “WHA, YOU MORON” from Lifton, others.

    3. “Cheating On You,” Franz Ferdinand – From their s/t debut. I was kinda into their second record for a while. I still love that song they wrote for Eleanor from some other indie band or something who knows. 

    4. “I Surrender, Dear,” Aretha Franklin – Early Aretha. Lotsa strings. A wah-wah horn. Thanks, universe.

    5. “Ave Maria,” Stevie Wonder – From the Motown holiday album. This cut never fails to amaze me. If you believe in God, he’s there; if you don’t, this might change your mind. It’s that good. 

    • Michael Parr

      One, why don’t you listen to more Lily Allen? Two, I also have never found anything about the Old 97s that made me want to listen further than the cut I was hearing at the time. If someone can come up with a compelling tune to get me hooked, I’d be willing to listen.

  • Mike

    1) “(Can’t Live Without Your) Love & Affection” by Nelson (“After the Rain”, 1990)-Uh, oh. This is not starting off well for me.

    2) “You Are a Winner” by Earth, Wind & Fire (“Raise!”, 1981)- Not a bad slice of synth-funk. EW&F had definitely lost a step by the time this came along, though.

    3) “Catch Me When I’m Falling” by P!nk (“Try This”, 2004)- I love this woman. This song is the best five minutes she’s ever committed to tape. She could’ve been the new millennium Teena Marie if she wanted to be.

    4) “The Stupid Things” by Robin Thicke (“A Beautiful World”, 2003)- From back when he was just called “Thicke”. Pretty decent piano ballad.

    5) “Everybody” by The Jacksons (“Triumph”, 1980)-A straight-up rip of “Off the Wall”‘s “Get on the Floor”, down to the lyrics. Proof that Michael was coasting when it came to writing and recording with the brothers.

  • Zack Stiegler

    1. Fugees – Manifest/Outro 
    Always enjoy when this album pops up on shuffle.

    2. We Are Scientists – Lousy Reputation
    Loved their first album, from which this hails.  Their second was kind of boring.

    3. Wu-Tang Clan-Bring Da Ruckus
    Let’s be clear: “Bring *the muthafuckin’* Ruckus.”

    4. Dam-Funk-The Move Suite
    Supposedly Dam-Funk is producing an album by the lead singer from Slave. I’m pretty excited about that.

    5. TLC-Diggin’ On You
    I love me some TLC.  People forget how many fucking hits they had.

  • Dennis Corrigan

    My power came back on so I’m celebrating with a beverage and my Friday Five:

    1. “Hyena” by R.E.M. from Lifes Rich Pageant.  Hello, old friends.  I drank a lot of beverages on a lot of Friday nights listening to this album in college.  The reissue drops on Tuesday, and while I usually rail against that kind of thing, of course I’m getting it
    2. “Hello Again” by the Cars from Just What I Needed – The Cars Anthology.  Originally from Heartbeat City. I played and played the cassette of this in the spring of ’84, right up until Born in the U.S.A. came out a couple of months later.  
    3. “Katmandu” by Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band from Live Bullet.  Was chatting w/ @dslifton & @addictedtovinyl:twitter about live records this afternoon, and this one has to rate up there.  Of course, Seger’s one of the few remaining luddites who doesn’t have his music available digitally so I’ll move on
    4. “Black Coffee in Bed” by Squeeze from Singles 45’s and Under.  I’m guessing everyone that’s ever dropped off a Friday Five has this record in their collection.  Would you expect me to have any other Squeeze song as my favorite?
    5. “For You” by Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band from Live at the Main Point, Bryn Mawr, Feb. 5, 1975.  A fantastically aching solo piano version.  

    Hope you all hear something good this weekend!

  • Shannon J

    Hi, here we go with mine:

    “Can’t Find the Words,” Kim Richey, from The Collection.
    “Fall Down,” Toad the Wet Sprocket, from Dulcinea.
    “Kite Song,” Patty Griffin, from Impossible Dream.
    “Listen for My Mandolin,” Jennifer Haase, from Listening Chair.
    “I Don’t Even Know Myself,” The Who, from Who’s Next.

  • EightE1

    The other day, my chirpractor (Johnny Pants, aka Docta Back Cracka) told me my head was on crooked, right before he delivered a Klitschko-like blow to the back of my skull. Then he apologized … and did it again.  My vertigo went away, but now I fear everyone I walk past is about to give me a rabbit punch.

    Fountains of Wayne, “Acela.” Bumpin’ new song from the very cool new FoW record.

    Yes, “Into the Storm.” Decent track from the new Yes record. Not sold yet on Benoit David as frontman, but I like Chris Squire’s everpresent bass bubbling throughout.

    Eagles, “Seven Bridges Road.” Reminds me of how much time I’ve spent this week listening to corporate hippie music (I’m looking at you, Mr. Crosby, Mr. Stills, and Mr. Nash).

    Stevie Nicks, “You May Be the One.” In Your Dreams really is the return to form most have said it is.  It is impossible, though, to imagine these songs written for anyone but Lindsey Buckingham, and I’ve grown tired of that whole story.

    Journey, “To Whom It May Concern.” More goodness from Eclipse. Difficult to imagine a Journey record making my year-end top ten, but I fucking love this thing.  Could happen.

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