My intro to Nicole Atkins

Nicole Atkins has evaded me all these years, but thanks to a friend pointing me to her latest release earlier this year (Italian Ice), and the last 24 hours of deep diving into her music, I am on board.

Her voice blows me away. Songs like “The Way It Is” that just hit me in all the right spots. A throwback 60’s pop diva feel… the voice as an instrument, one that is completely at her command.

Or “Forever,” where the intro and verses have a familiar ring (I hear “Time After Time” and “Little Red Corvette”) and then changes gears into a catchy chorus.

I’ve been discovering her collaborations with other artists too. A couple of really cool covers:

One collab I would love to see: Nicole teaming up with New Zealand’s Marlon Williams, who captures that same shimmery retro vibe.

Italian Ice pays homage to her Jersey Shore upbringing, and is a great listen. It was recorded in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, and features session legends Spooner Oldham and David Hood, as well as friends like Spoon’s Britt Daniel. The final song on the album is “In the Splinters”, and this live video from a July WFUV performance really sums up Nicole: fun, enthralling, entertaining, and a voice that can kill.

So, watch! And check out for more. For me, file under Late to the Party, and… On. board.

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