• Rock,  Roots Rock

    Street Songs

    We’ve spent all this time building up our digital music libraries, so why not tinker around with them a bit and have some fun? Last week I explored tunes that clocked in at 2:28. This week, I take it to…

  • Laid Back,  Rock

    Pete Droge’s Psychedelic Love Song

    A killer love song from an underrated artist. I love the psychedelic effects, the instrumentation, the lyrics. This one just floats. Pete Droge – Do Be True (mp3) Buy Skywatching (2003) Visit Pete’s Official Site | MySpace

  • Acoustic,  Laid Back

    Check out Pete Droge

    Thanks in part to a friendship with Mike McReady of Pearl Jam, Pete Droge secured a contract with American Records in the early 90’s, and released a fantastic album called ‘Necktie Second’ in 1994. The single that really caught my…