Public Enemy at Pitchfork’s Festival

In the annals of classic hip-hop, last week’s Public Enemy show at the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago has to go down in the books as Historic.

Chuck D., Flava Flav and the boys performed their classic, It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back, in its entirety.

Here’s “Rebel Without a Pause”…

I saw P.E. perform “Rebel” 20 years ago at a concert in Milwaukee with LL Cool J and Whodini (and..?) – long before the hipsters grabbed hold of “It Takes a Nation…” Aren’t I awesome?

9 thoughts on “Public Enemy at Pitchfork’s Festival

  1. I like all the jheri curls suckers wearing high heel boots (not Prince because that is an exception to the rule.). We had great seats.

  2. It was PE, Doug E Fresh, Eric B and Rakim, Whodini, and LL. That was an unbelievable show. I don’t know if you remember but PE actually opened up the show. I remember them starting off with the sirens noise and the S1w’s marching and people wondering what this was. I’m beginning to feel really old (20 yrs ago).

  3. I was trying to find out about Terminator X – I guess I assumed he was still a part of PE. A PE without Terminator X?? Just doesn’t seem right….

  4. I almost went to this, but didn’t. I’m always leery of legendary reunions. But my professor went (and was in the damn photo pit for the whole set!) and by all accounts it was awesome. Despite not having Terminator X, and despite Flava Flav’s name change to Flavor Flav. Yes, seriously.

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