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dave rawlings machine

I heard this on Sirius-XM’s The Loft today. There was something familiar about it. Something earthy and 70’s, Eagles and country-tinged Stones (it would make a great Keef tune), maybe some Gram Parsons… the harmonies seemed familiar too.

It was the Dave Rawlings Machine. The song was “Ruby”. And by the end I was singing along to the great harmonies. Looking DRM up tonight, I found that Dave Rawlins has worked extensively with Gillian Welch and Old Crow Medicine Show. In fact, that’s why the harmonies sounded familiar – it’s OCMS providing them.

Check it out.

Dave Rawlings Machine: Ruby (mp3)

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  1. Definitely sticks with you, doesn’t it?
    For some reason, I didn’t really start listening to the Loft until recently. It’s now my #2 station (right after Howard).

  2. I never heard of Dave Rawlings. I loved this song. I must hear more. I’m also a fan of The loft.

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