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A Taste of What Laura Says’ forthcoming album: ‘Bloom Cheek’

My favorite local band by far is Tempe’s What Laura Says. Their debut record, Thinks And Feels, was one of my 2008 highlights – and their live show is just as impressive. Organic, psychedelic, folky/retro rock n’ roll; beautiful Beatles/Beach Boys-influenced melodies; and just all-around good vibes.

So I’m really stoked to see that this year will bring a brand new album entitled Bloom Cheek (on Terpikshore). A few days ago, they posted some sneak peeks at the new record. Take a listen to the minute and a half clips below. A great sign of things to come…

“On The Fence” | Great groove!

“Keep Running Shoes Special” | I saw them do this live, and it smokes.

“Tape It Spoke” | Brings out the folksy “Fleet Fox-y” side of the boys…

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  1. I got to see this band last night at the Rhythm Room in Pheonix when I helped my husband shoot video of them playing. Awesome band. Definitely hot, definitely unique.

  2. Davis Davis

    Awesome! Can’t frickin’ wait to hear the rest of these!!

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