Tunes from The Last Waltz

The Last Waltz – best concert film of all time? Certainly right up there. When I stumble upon it on TV, like I did tonight, there’s no way I can turn away.

Thanksgiving 1976. The Band. Bob Dylan. Van Morrison. Neil Young. Dr. John. Joni Mitchell. Muddy Waters. Eric Clapton. Neil Diamond. Ronnie Wood. Ringo Starr. Ronnie Hawkins. Paul Butterfield.

Still such a thrill to watch.  Here’s the last song of the show, as Dylan leads The Band and all the guests in his own tune, “I Shall Be Released”…

Oh hell, let me add a few other tunes…

The Band w/ Neil Diamond
“Dry Your Eyes”

The Band w/ Joni Mitchell


The Band w/ Muddy Waters
“Mannish Boy”

4 thoughts on “Tunes from The Last Waltz

  1. You know, I really miss those late nights playing music at ridiculously loud volumes after a night out.

    Look forward to hitting the pubs with you when my family & I take the UK by storm – which happens in the next couple years God willing.

    Totally right about that Clapton-Robertson solo frenzy too. You can feel the energy in that room…

  2. Pete: your post just hit bone. I am a massive Band fan…if I could have been in any band at any time, it would be The Band.

    I own this sucker in almost every conceivable package: Vinyl, the Deluxe Box Set on CD, the Anniversary Re-Release of the movie…on tape!

    You pulled some choice cuts. Here are my bow-down performance picks:

    Robbie and Clapton trading towering solos on “Further on Up the Road”, The Weight with the Staple Singers (Mavis puts a great “unh-hunh” in that version) and “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down”.

    That last one wins my award for “song with most plays at stupid-loud volumes at the wee hours of the morning after being out all night drinking”. Believe, me it is a long and prestigious list, too.

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