Switchin to Glide

The song playing on the clock radio when it goes off at 6:15 every morning can make or break the day for me. This morning, Queen’s “Fat Bottomed Girls” was playing.

I hate “Fat Bottomed Girls”.

So it was imperative to throw on another tune very quickly, and de-program the “song in my head”.

What better weekend song than “This Beat Goes On / Switchin’ to Glide”? Released on the Kings’ 1980 debut album ‘The Kings Are Here‘, the tune hit it big on rock radio, but the Kings ended up being put out to pasture in one hit wonder land.

The KingsThis Beat Goes On / Switchin’ to Glide (mp3)

Buy: The Kings Are Here and More


  • brad

    This is fantastic! While working on my MA at OSU in the 80s, I owuld be awakened to this song every friday morning! Wht a way to get hte weekend started! I didn’t know ANYONE else valued this song until now. Ihave an album copy, but not the means to transfer it. Wow. You’re the best!a

    If you don’t know this song, by all means, LISTEN. You are in for a treat.


  • jb

    The appeal of “Fat Bottomed Girls” is a mystery to me, but it apparently tests well enough to appear in the heavy rotation at my classic-rock radio station. Female listeners ar not the primary demo of classic rock stations, but one you don’t want to discourage any more than necessary–you’d think that a record so relentlessly offensive to women would be something to avoid.

    This is probably why I’m not a program director anymore.

    Thank goodness we play the Kings, too.

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