Rock n' Folk

This Holy Mess

“It’s hardly morning
It’s early January
There’s always something
That’s coming or gone

Out in the dark light
I go walking
Into the quiet
Of this holy mess”

So I’m a sucker for the gritty raw singer songwriter types. Springsteen, Earle, Prine, Tweedy, and this fella, Matthew Ryan. My favorite of his CD’s, ‘May Day’, was left in a rental car at the Burbank Airport, along with about 30 others. I hope the rental car agent or car washer is at least listening to some of the CD’s. Yep, another one of my shining moments. DOH! There goes a case of CD’s! See ya!

Anyhow, take a listen to “Me & My Lover”. What I love about ol’ Matt is when he kicks it up a notch into the next octave at the 2:21 mark in the song. It’s effortless and so powerful. And the chord changes are great. This tune starts mellow, kicks into gear, and goes back down the hill toward the end. It’s a nice sweet ride with a hint of bitterness: “cause most things are meaningless, the more you get to know them”.

For those who like the artists I mention above, you’ll like Matthew Ryan. ‘May Day’ is a great introduction…

Matthew Ryan – Me and My Lover
(mp3) – 2000, ‘East Autumn Grin’ – {Amazon}

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