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Jesse’s Just Wanting You

Jesse Johnson left The Time in 1984, right after their success due to their part in ‘Purple Rain’, and their 2 hit singles, “The Bird” and “Jungle Love”. Jesse did alright for himself, releasing a few albums over the years, including a greatest hits compilation in 2000 that includes this song, “I’m Just Wanting You”. It’s a laid back tune, with Jesse’s guitar at center stage. I think this song was made for this compilation, but I could be wrong. Jesse’s not returning my phone calls. If you know for sure, leave a comment. Hope ya like it…

Jesse Johnson – I’m Just Wanting You
(mp3) – from Ultimate Collection, 2000, Hip-O – {Buy it on Amazon}


  • justavibe

    Hey, again. Just browsin’ your other Jesse Johnson blog posts. If you’re askin’ if the song “I’m Just Wanting You” was made specifically for the Ultimate Collection (2000) CD, the answer is No, it wasn’t. “I’m Just Wanting You” is on Jesse’s 1988 release Every Shade of it’s a pretty old joint. The only song that MIGHT have been made for the Ultimate Collection is the song “Vibe” (previously unreleased) at the time. That song gotsa nice groove too.

  • justavibe

    I know, VERY late…

    Sorry, for the late response. Jesse lives out in LA now, he writes and produces music for other artists. As for Andre..that brotha done straight dropped off the face of the news on him, I hope he’s okay.

  • sg89

    I love that song I’m Just Wanting You, JJ all decked out in the laid back mode. He really puts his feelings in2 the song. For me it’s the type of song that really makes u feel & just think all kindsa stuff.

    As 4 the song bein’ made 4 the compilation..I don’t think so, b/c the song was orig. on Every Shade of Love (1988). The only song I think might actually have been made 4 the compilation is probably the last song on the CD track 14: Vibe. That song was orig. unreleased..but then again it coulda been a lot older..not too sure. Vibe is a hot song, sorda that r&b genre style of late 90s/early ’00. A cool song.

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