those green eyes

A perfect song for a late Saturday night… the lights are low, there’s a few drops of wine left in the bottle, your eyes meet. You slowly walk closer to her. You sense excitement in the air as you approach her. Then…the unbearable wait is over as you say… “Wanna go for a walk?!… Outside??! WOOF WOOF!! Her tails wags uncontrollably as you step out into the moonlight. Now that’s a Saturday night…

Ibrahim Ferrer: Aquellos Ojos Verdes (mp3) [Buy on Amazon]

In all semi-seriousness, this song can help in your amorous pursuits…. Ibrahim is a golden-throated Cuban singer, now in his late seventies. He was one of the popular Cuban musicians of the 1950’s. By the 80’s he was back to shining shoes and living on a monthly pension. That was until the late 90’s, when Ry Cooder went to Cuba and located all of the great Cuban musicians of the day and assembled the Buena Vista Social Club. You can see it all in the 1999 documentary of the same name. The movie is powerful and moving beyond words, featuring such greats as Ruben Gonzales, Compay Segundo, and Eliades Ochoa. The shame is that these greats lay dormant for so long in Castro’s Cuba.

I’ll go out on a limb and assume that if you’re reading this, you love music. If so, get a hold of this movie and watch it. Go to the video store, hit up Netflix, buy it on Amazon, whatever… just see it.


  • Talya

    I love this song, and I enjoyed your comment as well. I´m looking forward to watch Buena Vista Social Club. And there are some green eyes I love… ;*)

    Cheers from Mexico.

  • Eric M.

    Great song Pete! I have Buena Vista Social club in my regular rotation. How about some Ry Cooder? I see where Jazz & Conversation posted something from Paradise and Lunch. How about from Get Rhythm?
    thanks agian for the Bruce. Enjoying it.

    Eric M.

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