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That Detroit Hillbilly

All that fancy actin’ in Cold Mountain must’ve done something to Jack White, ’cause next thing you know, he’s holed up in a studio with country queen Loretta Lynn, producing her entire album, ‘Van Lear Rose’ [buy it here]. Yeah it’s been a while since this one’s been out. I’m sort of the anti-mp3-blogger. I’m really late to the party on a lot of stuff. I just heard the album for the first time last week, and let me tell ya, 70 year old Ms. Lynn is as vibrant and fresh as ever, and that has a lot to do with Jack White, in my opinion. The production is great; it’s 21st century Detroit meets Nashville hillbilly rock n’ roll. Great album. This is the one duet on the CD.

Loretta Lynn & Jack White: Portland Oregon (mp3)

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  • Nick Francis


    Thanks for the track. That CD has been on my peripheral vision for a while. Definitely want to check out the whole disc.

    Hope all is well for you out in Arizona. I lived there for eight years and miss it a lot. Nick

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