Flashback – Wild Horses (no not that one)

I recently pulled out an old mix tape from my younger days, and heard this song. I was 16-17 when I heard it, and really enjoyed it, and still do after all these years. Now I’m no Gino Vanelli nut, in fact, I couldn’t name you another GV song, but this one is light and cool with those brush drum sticks laying it down. The song starts off, “As the sun goes down on the Arizona plain and the wind rustles by like a runaway train, a hey hey, it’s beautiful thing…” Must’ve been what led me to Arizona years later. Besides that, it’s another one of those teen angst/ love songs that I loved so much as a kid. If anyone else has heard this, say aye.

Gino Vanelli: Wild Horses (mp3)[Buy]


  • Rachel

    Thanks for posting this! I haven’t heard this song since I was 12 or 13. I bought the vinyl single of this at that time, because I was so enamored with this ditty. Funny, since it doesn’t really match my adult musical preferences, but I still enjoy this one.

  • ben

    Wow. What memories this song brings back. I heard it when I was probably….oh…about 14. For the past 2 years I’ve been trying to find this song. I searched google for “Wild Horses” and could only find Rolling Stones, Natasha Beddingfield, Sarah McLachlan, etc.
    Then, today, I hop in my vehicle, and I hear it on the radio. It was music to my ears. I noted some of the more unique lyrics, and searched them when I got back here. Then I found it. What year is this from?

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