Vote Sanjaya!

Good people of North America,

It is our solemn and sworn duty to ensure that Sanjaya Malakar – that spritely, effeminate contestant, and current member of the Top 12 on America Idol – continues to ascend to his rightful position as this year’s American Idol winner.

Tonight, at the properly allotted time, you must vote, vote, and vote again for Mr. Malakar. Tune into at least the last 10 minutes of American Idol. Check your local listings. Tell your friends and family, we must mobilize the masses!

For those who cry foul, no worries. There is no way the producers would allow it to happen. I’m sure the voting results have been manipulated in the past, and will be manipulated in the future. But let’s put the voting system integrity to the test. Vote on!

Evil Ick

March 22 Update – It’s happening, people. The groundswell of support for the great Sanjaya is only beginning. Sanjaya breezed through this week, and is now a member of the top 10, who get to tour the country after the season. Yes, a Sanjaya tour!

Feel free to bookmark this post. This will be the Sanjaya Super Post, containing any and all things pro-Sanjaya! Let’s do this!!!

Join us…

March 27 Update: Oh Lordie, did you see our boy tonight? Working the pony-tailed-mohawk? Fierce, Sanjaya! I put in my 5 votes for our next American Idol, how about you?

sanjaya mohawk


  • Jshua

    You know bro, I’ve gotta tell ya….

    There’s a dark side of me that really likes this idea!

    (cue Vincent Price voice)

    “Bwaa Ha Ha Ha Haaaaaaaaa!!!!!!”

  • Thierry

    I think I died a little inside when Sanjaya murdered “You Really Got Me”. Even Velvet Revolver would’ve been better.

  • jazzmaster

    Damn… Am I too late?! I loathe AI, but I would vote just to mess with their ‘system’!

    I’ll try to keep it in mind for next week!

  • Anonymous

    OMG!!!! if you people need to make a website to try and get votes for Sanjaya then its kinda obvious that he DOES NOT deserve to be on American Idol. You are lucky that the judges can no longer vote off who they want because he would be gone!!!!!! People who can sing don’t need to try and secure their spot on the show from some website, they just sing!!!!!!! Its all the freaks who cant sing who are taking his side!!!! he should have been off the show a long time ago, and i will do everything in my power to make sure he doesn’t win!!! someone who can actually sing and who fits the part should be the next American Idol!!! not this freak!!

  • jazzmaster

    Ditto, Pete.

    And, to Mr. (or Ms.) Anonymous… The whole point is to Rock the Vote on this stupid talent(less) show called American Idol. πŸ™‚ If someone wants to make it big in music, earn it! There are no shortcuts. And, winning this thing doesn’t mean your good… It just means you are popular. Big Deal.

  • Lauren the Sweetest!

    Sanjaya should rip out his vocal cords!!!!! and burn them!!!!! he has the power to make people cry!!!!!! he’s not the next American Idol he’s the next Micheal Jackson!!! the only thing he’s got is sweet hair!

  • Elizabeth sent the following message to abcnews.com

    Sanjaya.We have many actors who if it wasn’t for technology help their singing career would be over.Something about this young man is beyond reproach.You may call it charisma, charm, honesty, kindness, lovable or just simply born a star by all means of the word.But he has got it.More importantly, Aside from Howard Stern stupid joke & the web site to vote for the under singer.We, many other and self, are voting for him because we love him & wish him well.We know with practice he will do well.Go Sajaya

  • teej

    Do you guys understand that you help make American Idol even more popular by keeping Sanjaya around. Look at the news stories and press. Exactly how does this move stop AI from becoming the center of attention? Beware unintended consequences. While you laugh, others who like AI quietly cheer you on.

  • Pete

    Hey don’t get me wrong. I enjoy American Idol. It’s an amazing phenomenon that transcends race, gender and age. I hope it continues on and on ….

    But it’s also fun to mess with the system. πŸ˜‰

    I still think it doesn’t matter who votes for who, the producers will have the final say, otherwise they’d publicize the results, right?

    By planting that blubbering little girl into the audience last week, it’s clear that the producers want Sanjaya around too. It’s the storyline of the season. Everybody’s talkin ’bout Sanjaya!! SAAaaaanJAyaaaaaaaa (and his hot Hooters waitress sister)….

  • R Chummar

    Heey Sanjaya…..He needs to stay…against all odds ,he will prove all wrong and will emerge a winner.He is a breeze to watch and he can be a style icon and a loveable performer who can melt heart swith his smile and style….wait for the rest…n all those who r on strike grab a sandwich cause u may have to starve for along time….n we pity to what length u can go for such a silly cause…strike for our troops to be back or end the war or for millions who cant even have a meal a day…well ..if not Wallmart is hiring…get a Job

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