Sunday Mood Music: The Swan

I heard a familiar and very beautiful piece of music the other day on Sirius (David Johansen’s Mansion of Fun). The amazing thing about music is its timelessness. When Camille Saint-Saëns sat down and wrote “Le Cygne” (“The Swan”) as part of a larger work called ‘Le carnaval des animaux’ (‘Carnival of the Animals’) in ’86 – 1886 – who would’ve thought that almost 120 years later, some American in the Arizona desert would be meditating to it on his drive home from work? Well Camille, you live on in your work, and as duly impressed and touched by this piece of music as I am, I want to share it with my small slice of the blogosphere.

So Yo-Yo Ma sits down with his cello, accompanied by two pianos, and churns this out:

Yo-Yo Ma: Carnival of the Animals: The Swan (mp3) – Composed by Camille Saint-Saëns (1886)

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