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Funky Music a la Wild Cherry

Once in a while it’s necessary to indulge my not-so-guilty pleasure appetite. This one took the charts by storm in ol’ 1976 – America’s Bicentennial, and the year I turned the big 6. Led by singer, guitarist and songwriter Rob Parissi, Wild Cherry rose out of Steubenville, Ohio in the early 70’s. They headed to Pittsburgh, PA and played around town for a couple of years before Rob broke up the band to manage a Bonanza steakhouse or two. But the music pulled him back in when he felt the industry going back toward the rootsy side of Rock n Roll. Well, it wasn’t long before the rock clubs began to be replaced by discos, and he got more and more requests to “play something funky.” Rob sat down and wrote this song.

From the One Hit Wonder catalog, I give you… Wild #&@ Cherry!! Sure, you’ve heard it at every wedding you’ve ever been to, but still a great tune almost 30 year later.

Those outside of the U.S., does this song make it into your local wedding play list?

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  • Anonymous

    Not sure about weddings (how exactly is this song representative of your undying love?), but it definately makes the playlist at student parties in New Zealand!

  • bossiemom

    As someone who knows Bobby somewhat personally, I wish his career had gone farther than it did. He has a phenomemal voice and I remember him and his original band playing local attractions in my hometown of Wheeling, WV where he became a disc jockey after his run in prime time. In the interim between local guy, star, and regular guy I had the pleasure to meet Bobby and get to know him a little when he joined up with some of his “original” Wild Cherry members and toured around the Tri-State area of Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. I just really wish some of the band’s other songs had made it big such as “Hold On” since I think they had as much potential and momentum as KC and the Sunshine Band did at that time. This is just a very long overdue comment on my part brought on by every party I go to that plays Funky Music. I just wish Bobby and the band had been bigger longer.

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