Funk,  Prince

Controversy Remix


Here’s a cool uncredited remix of “Controversy” that I recently came across. It makes an extremely funkalicious song even more funkalicious.

‘Controversy’ was Prince’s fourth album, released in 1981, sandwiched between ‘Dirty Mind’ and ‘1999’. The funky hook of the title track gives way to the raw power of “Sexuality”, the piano F-me ballad “Do Me, Baby”, and Prince’s first politically slanted songs, “Annie Christian” and “Ronnie Talk to Russia”. The album is 25 years old this year… ouch! Go pick it up on Amazon.

Prince: Controversy (Purple Remix) (mp3)


  • B2

    I’ve always dug this tune… but this version is even cooler! Where do you come up with all this funky Prince stuff?! Surely you are a regular over at HQ! 🙂


  • Pete

    No I’m not, but I do keep my well trained ears open for any and all things Prince! I actually found this one on the newsgroup, where I’ve been lurking for a decade…

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