Stoned with Lewis Taylor

Lewis Taylor

You wanna hear some funky, contemporary British soul? I just found out about Lewis Taylor. He’s a multi-instrumental artist born and raised in Barnet, North London. He’s been making music for a good while (since the 80’s), including some years under the pseudonym of Sheriff Jack.

This track caught my attention. It’s a laid back, funky soulful groove with nice lyrics (“you stoned me baby, I don’t think I’ll ever recover nowwww”). And then the powerful and fuzzy wah-wah guitar solo. Bugger this is a cool song. You Brits are probably way ahead of me on this one… what else am I missing?

Lewis Taylor: Stoned, Pt. 1 (mp3) – buy the album Stoned

  • Here’s the video in Quicktime. Pretty cool video; hot model and all, but enough with the collagen already! Your upper lip looks like a pink bagel.
  • Update…after exhaustive research, it was found that the “model” in the video is Esthero. She’s a singer from Ontario, Canada. Her upper lip still bugs me though.
  • New (to me) blog alert: One Soulful Negro has a couple more Lewis Taylor tracks up here.

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