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A Little Electrik Boogie

Ursula 1000

Thanks to the fine folks at Eighteenth Street Lounge Music, I got my hands on a copy of the upcoming release by Ursula 1000, which is basically NYC-based multi-instrumentalist and “mild-mannered” DJ Alex Gimeno. I’ve really enjoyed listening to the CD over the last couple of days. It’s an entertaining and fun listen, with break beats, electronic, old school, and funky rhythms pervading the eardrums. You’ll see what I mean by fun when you hear these two tracks.

“Kaboom!” is goofy, non-sensical pop-funk, and in my opinion a great album opener. With the Austin Powers-ish “Hello Baby”s and Izumi Ookawara belting out “wham wack zonk zing”s and “thud fizz plop ring”s.

“Electrik Boogie” harkens back to 80’s synthesizer funk. Alex definitely was listening to some of the same stuff I was: Prince, Zapp, Midnight Star. You’ll hear it…

Ursula 1000: Kaboom! (mp3) | Electrik Boogie (mp3) – from ‘Here Comes Tomorrow‘, set for a March 21st release. Pre-order it!


Did somebody say Midnight Star?

Bonus: Midnight Star: Freak-a-Zoid (mp3) from ‘No Parking on the Dance Floor

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