Steve Forbert’s Strange

Just passing along another tune heard on Sirius Disorder… another singer-songwriter type that I’ve heard of, but never has gone much beyond that. But thanks to non-terrestrial, non-commercial radio, the good tunes just keep on coming. A lot of tunes that have been around a while, that never made a blip on my music radar.

Forbert’s first album, ‘Alive on Arrival’, was released in 1978. Ten years later, he made a comeback of sorts with ‘Streets of this Town’, produced by E Street Band bassist Gary Tallent. This particular song comes from his 2000 release, ‘Evergreen Boy’. Take a listen.

Steve Forbert: Strange (mp3) – from Evergreen Boy.


  • Lil Mike in SF

    Forbert’s a louisiana boy if I’m not mistaken, had some late 70s/early 80s success but never batted his way into the hall of fame…

    glad yer digging deep in the digital crates

    and yeah yer Ramones pic is as eerie as my clash-tastrophe…

    go figger

    keep on rockin & shlockin in the freak wurld…

  • countrygrrl

    i first heard him when i was getting out vinyl from the aberdeen public library and loved what i heard.i kind of forget about him for a while then a post like this reminds me how faaaab he is…thanks for the memory jog..will dust down those cassettes and blast up some of those early tracks.

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