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An Evening with The Style Council

style council

It’s obvious I’ve been on sort of a live music kick lately, so why not some more? I first heard about The Style Council the way a lot of people discover music: an older sibling. My brother Steve was a big fan of theirs way back when, and truth be told, I never gave the SC much of a chance. But I did like their sound. I like-a-tha soul, and these boys had the soul. White boy soul, but soul nonetheless.

The Style Council was formed in 1983 by guitarist and vocalist Paul Weller. Weller belonged to one of the great British bands to rise out of the mid-70’s punk revolution: The Jam. Not satisfied with the direction the band was going, and in need of more soul, R&B and jazz influence, he joined up with keyboardist Mick Talbot to form the Style Council (much to the chagrin of Jam fans).

So I got a hold of a live recording from their heyday, 1984 (the year I got soul / r&b / funk crazy when I discovered Prince). I thought I’d post half of the show, and post the other half in a few days if the interest is there. I also will be checking out a 1980 Jam show I came across. But for now, Ladies and gentlemen, the Style Council….

The Style Council
Milano Teatro Tenda, Milan, Italy
October 24, 1984

    1. Big Boss Groove
    2. My Ever Changing Moods
    3. You’re The Best Thing
    4. A Man Of Great Promise
    5. Mick’s Up
    6. It Just Came To Pieces In My Hands
    7. Long Hot Summer
    8. Don’t Do It
    9. Shout To The Top!
    10. Infearing Beat
    11. Le Depart
    12. The Paris Match
    13. The Whole Point Of No Return
    14. Me Ship Came In!
    15. Money-Go-Round
    16. Headstart For Happiness
    17. Strength Of Your Nature
    18. Speak Like A Child
    19. One Nation Under A Groove

Buy the Style Council’s Greatest Hits


  • Nick

    very interested – just rediscivering the majesty that is Style Council – sadly too young and nerdy to have seen them live – more please?

  • Jinky

    Lots and lots of interest here from an old soul boy who was and still is VERY into The Jam, early Style Council and almost all of Weller’s solo stuff….if you have any live stuff I’d be really grateful if you could stick it up. Also, if I could sort out how to get audio tapes onto my PC in MP3 format I could up some of the Jam’s live gigs I have.

  • mico

    do you have the slow piano version of my ever changing moods?
    that’s my fave song of all time… paul weller has the best voice.

  • Mark

    Pete, you are a man after my own heart. Being a Paul Weller maniac, I have just about everything he has ever released, short of an odd Japanese single here or there. I recommend getting the Style Concil Box set which covers their entire in studio recordings and has the “lost” album, Modernism: A New Decade.

    I think that the album you have chosen for a pic here is THE great lost album of the 1980s. Panned by critics, it is one of the most gorgeous pieces of music I have ever heard.

    For all you die hard TSC fans, check out the book Mr Cool’s Dream. It is the most complete history of the band.

    While I have many Style Council boots, I do not have this one. Thanks again Pete!

  • R.J.

    Loved your Style Council post. I saw them live in Frankfurt Germany in 1986 and saw Paul Weller in Philadelphia in the early 90’s.
    Would love to hear the rest of the show.

  • Pete

    Wow, it appears there is interest for part two of the show! Stay tuned, I’ll have it up this weekend. Thanks everyone for the cool comments.

  • Eric M.


    Nice post. Have you tried any of Weller’s solo albums?
    Really like “As Is Now” AND ” Heavy Soul.
    Keep up the excellent work.

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