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Style Council, part two

What kind of a person would I be if I didn’t follow up with the rest of the Style Council show? A wretched one, that’s what. So here’s part two of the Style Council’s 1984 Milan show. The first half is here.

paul weller

So I’ve been checking out Paul Weller’s impressive web site, and am looking forward to jumping in to some of his newer stuff. There’s a great video page on there with some cool live performances. It doesn’t indicate where the live footage is from, but it looks like one of those great British gatherings like maybe the Isle of Wight Festival. Paul is releasing a new live double album on June 12th too. We Yanks can pre-order it here. You Brits can pre-order it here.

Part II, Milan, 24October, 1984

  • 11. Le Depart
  • 12. The Paris Match
  • 13. The Whole Point Of No Return
  • 14. Me Ship Came In!
  • 15. Money-Go-Round
  • 16. Headstart For Happiness
  • 17. Strength Of Your Nature
  • 18. Speak Like A Child
  • 19. One Nation Under A Groove (Parliament cover)


  • jamie medhurst

    Just to let you know the concert fortage you thought might be the Isle of Wight or some festival of that ilk was in fact a solo Paul Weller concert in London’s Hyde Park in front of 30’000 fans,, yes Weller is that big in the UK.

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