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Once again demonstrating my prowess of being on the cutting edge of what’s going on in the music scene, I just discovered this Jason Collett song recently (thanks again, Sirius). It’s been out for a year now, it’s been posted by many mp3 bloggers (my man Craig at Songs:Illinois being one of the first, of course), but I’ll be damned if I’m not gonna throw it on ol’ Ickmusic, because it’s new to me! Besides, I have another related song to go along with it, a theme if you will, so there.

The theme being hangovers of course. I’m 35 now. I’ve had many a hangover in my day. None in recent memory since those crazy party days seem to be a thing of the past with this whole “wife and kids” deal I have going now. My mom will remember one of my worst hangovers. 20 years old. Summer job. My mom woke me up at an ungodly hour to go to the ol’ machine shop for my daily sweeping, painting, and forklift operating. I stumble out of bed, stagger over to the flight of stairs and proceed to fall down them. Bad hangover. That only made it worse. You should have seen how close I parked the front end of my mom’s station wagon to the garage wall the night before. She wasn’t pleased with me that day.

So yes, the song is “Hangover Days”, a happy-go-lucky roots-rockety duet with Jason Collett and Emily Haines. Jason is from Broken Social Scene, a musical collective of sorts from Toronto.

Jason Collett: Hangover Days (mp3) – from Idols of Exile

The alt-countryish vibe, the hangover subject, and the duet brought to mind this song by the Supersuckers, which showed up on their “country album”, ‘Must’ve Been High’. Lead singer Eddie Spaghetti and Amy Nelson sing softly about the beauty of sharing a hangover.

The Supersuckers: Hungover Together (mp3) – from Must’ve Been High

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