The Boss Brings it Home

bruce in mansfield

The Seeger Sessions Band has landed safely on U.S. soil. In six short days, my wife and I will be lined up in triple digit heat waiting to enter the Glendale Arena to witness the experience firsthand. Last night was their first show in the U.S. since last month’s New Orleans Jazz Fest performance. Bruce and the Seeger Sessions Band hit the stage in Mansfield, Massachussetts. Peter Wolf joined in for the last couple of songs: “Dirty Water” and “Buffalo Gals”. The show went a little something like this:

May 27, 2006
Tweeter Center
Mansfield, MA

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    1. John Henry
    2. O Mary Don’t You Weep
    3. Johnny 99
    4. Old Dan Tucker
    5. Eyes on the Prize
    6. Jesse James
    7. Cadillac Ranch
    8. Erie Canal
    9. My Oklahoma Home
    10. If I Should Fall Behind
    11. Mrs. McGrath
    12. How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live?
    13. Jacob’s Ladder
    14. We Shall Overcome
    15. Open All Night
    16. Pay Me My Money Down


  1. Introductions
  2. Bring Them Home (If You Love Your Uncle Sam)
  3. Ramrod
  4. You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)
  5. When the Saints Go Marching In
  6. Dirty Water*
  7. Buffalo Gals*

*joined by Peter Wolf


  • Bruce


    this is absolutely brilliant! The sound quality is great (compared to the Hammersmith ones you posted), and the shear ‘fun’ of the musicians shines through so very much. It really brings back the memories of the two concerts I saw in St Paul at the start of the Born in the USA tour. Great stuff. Thanks for the tunes!

  • Dave

    This project has really given Bruce a kick in the pants. He sounds absolutely POSESSED!
    Can’t wait for the show here in S.F. on Tuesday.
    I’m crossing my fingers that it’s Neil Young and NOT Joan Baez (snore) that makes a cameo at the encore.
    Thanks for this.
    It’s special.

  • Pete

    Bruce rocks. He again proves his class absolutely excellent caught a show on t.v unfortunately couldnt be there.
    Long live the king.

  • Gary Littleton

    Thanks for posting this live show… great stuff. Springsteen’s covers on this tour have really had a lot of great energy. I especially love the live version of Dirty Water with Peter Wolf, Is there any chance you have a complete version of this that isn’t cut off? Thanks, Gary

  • Jonah Bamel

    This is in response to Gary:

    I was at the show in Mansfield, and Dirty Water segued directly into Buffalo Gals. Now, whether or not that’s exactly what we’ve got in these audio files I can’t say, because I haven’t finished getting them all yet. 😉

  • Pete

    Gary- like Jonah said, Dirty Water segues right into Buffalo Gals, so though it sounds cut off when you listen to it by itself, just queue Buffalo Gals after it and it will flow like water, dirty dirty water… 🙂

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