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The Time Funk Up Long Beach

the time

Smack dab in the middle of Vanity 6 and Prince on the 1999 tour (figuratively speaking, I think), was Prince’s funky-ass pet project, The Time: Jesse Johnson, Monte Moir, Jellybean Johnson, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, and of course charismatic front man Morris Day. Now, rumor of course has it that the Time were dropped from the tour toward the end because Prince was tired of being upstaged. Truth, rumor? I don’t know. Who can offer insight into this great life question?? Help me people, I was 12 during this tour.

The Time were touring in support of their second (and best) release, What Time Is It?, produced, arranged and composed by Jamie Starr and his Starr Company.

Mr. Starr (yes, aka Prince) had created a monster…

The Time
Long Beach, CA
March 31st, 1983
Opening for Prince on the 1999 Tour

Get it Up
Wild and Loose
Gigolos Get Lonely Too
The Walk

Prince takes the stage later this week… | Vanity 6’s Set


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