Ahoy! It’s Tweedy’s Sunken Treasure

Jeff Tweedy

Looking through the promo photos of Jeff Tweedy (great pics shot by Charles Harris), I’ll guess that Jeff enjoys these photo sessions about as much as a root canal. But sit for these photos he must because the promotion machine is in full swing for his forthcoming live DVD, Sunken Treasure: Live in the Pacific Northwest. Judging by the really cool trailer, and the following clip – an unreleased track called “The Thanks I Get” – this is gonna be one definite must-have DVD.

I’ve enjoyed the Tweedy sounds since I picked up Mermaid Avenue when it was released in ol’ 98 (eight years ago? Huh?). Well after listening to “California Stars” and “At My Window Sad and Lonely” a few thousand times, Summerteeth came out, and all bets were off, I was hooked.

So I’ve caught Wilco a couple of times over the years, but have never had the opportunity to see a solo Tweedy show. Luckily, I’ll have this DVD in a couple of weeks to fill the void until it happens. So it goes without saying that the Ickmusic Stamp of Approval *dinggg* is firmly adhered to the glossy outer case of this upcoming DVD. Pre-order it, receive it, watch it, nurture it, and hand it down for generations to come, until your great great great great grandchild Zeldar IV picks up his ‘GuitarZozoCoder 2195’ and plays along.

Watch the trailer.

Pre-order the DVD (available on October 24th).

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