Bruce’s Love of the Common People


‘Twas 5 nights ago, in the 2100 year old Spanish city of Valencia, that Bruce Springsteen and his fabulous Seeger Sessions Band did play this 39 year old song for the 1st time, to almost 30,000 people en el Estadio Ciutat De Valencia (the city’s soccer stadium).

estadio valencia

From El Backstreets: “Written in 1967 by Ronnie Wilkins and John Hurley, it was the title track of a Waylon Jennings album that year; it was later a hit for Paul Young and has been also covered by Stiff Little Fingers, Elton John, Indigo Girls, John Denver, and others.”

Bruce puts away the throaty growl for a song and gets smooth. The recording leaves a little to be desired (the taper must have been pretty far away), but somethin’ is always better than nothin’, si?

Bruce Springsteen & the Seeger Sessions Band: Love of the Common People (mp3)

Buy the Seeger Sessions: American Land Edition (mp3)

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  • countrygrrl

    great site great post and great track…love the boss and all bossheads…the seeger sessions have never been off my kitchen music box as it is an inspiration when cooking and gives me a chance to jig around the fridge and cooker. hi from a wet and wild rainy edinburgh!!!

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