Prince wins a Golden Globe

Congrats to Prince for a successful night at the Golden Globes, where he won the category of Best Original Song…

golden globes

The award was given out very early in the show, and not only did I miss it, but so did Prince. He was on the way there, stuck in traffic. He was acknowledged later in the show and stood up and bowed from his table.

The winning tune is “The Song of the Heart” from the movie Happy Feet. Before tonight, I had listened to the song all the way through about 1.75 total times. Not that crazy about it to tell you the truth. But who knows, it may grow on me.

You can judge for yourself here…


  • Zack

    Yeah, not that crazy about it myself. It fulfills its purpose. If you played that song for me and said “imagine a bunch of animated penguins dancing around to this,” it wouldn’t be very difficult to do so. Props to him for getting an aware anyway.

  • jazzmaster

    I thought it was pretty vanilla when it came out, and it still hasn’t grown on me at all. I’m kinda’ disappointed in the man, but I’m glad to see him getting noticed. The Superbowl performance ought to really light a fire and then (maybe) he will quit the Vegas gig and go on tour!!! 🙂

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