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I finally picked up my first Daniel Lanois solo album. Every time I’ve heard his solo stuff I’ve been drawn to it: spare, atmospheric, and rich. Lanois, of course, is the producer extraordinaire behind U2, Peter Gabriel, Bob Dylan, and scores of other artists. From 1988 to 2001, he set up shop in Kingsway Studios on Esplanade Avenue in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

Here’s a taste from Shine, his 2003 release. Bono joins him on this one. It was written during the All You Can’t Leave Behind sessions.

Daniel Lanois: Falling At Your Feet (mp3)

Daniel Lanois’ Official Site.

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  • dv

    falling at your feet appeared on u2’s 2000 soundtrack for the million dollar hotel. this sounds like a remixed version that emphasizes daniel’s vocals at the beginning and more of his guitar work throughout, but bono’s vocal sounds like the same one from tmdh.

    this is a wonderful version i hadn’t heard before. thanks!

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