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Whatever Happened to Andre Cymone?

February 2014 Update: The Stone – The Return of Andre Cymone

Andre Cymone, to you non-Prince freaks, was Prince’s childhood buddy and the first bassist in Prince’s touring band (before they were known as the Revolution). He left in 1981 to pursue a solo career, which didn’t pan out the way he probably wanted. He released three solo albums: Livin’ in the New Wave (1982), Survivin’ in the 80’s (1983), and AC (1985). AC contained his biggest hit, “The Dance Electric”, written and produced by Prince.

Andre found later success by producing hit albums for Pebbles, Adam Ant, and Jody Watley (whom he was married to). Over the years, I’ve wondered whatever happened to the guy. I did a YouTube search tonight, and found a treasure trove of live Andre Cymone footage posted by his drummer (John “Bam Bam” Morgan) from his 1984 tour. In one of the comments, he mentions about Andre: “Last I heard, Andre was living in N.Y. trying his hand at some kind of tv or movie scripts.”

All three of his albums are out of print, but I’m sure they’re out there somewhere. I have my three vinyl albums nestled safely in their plastic covers, along with any Prince-related records of that era. Vanity’s ‘Wild Animal’? Got it. So come on people, help me track Andre Cymone down. Enough is enough. The Andre Cymone ‘Ickmusic Interview’ needs to happen!

Sept. 20, 2011 Update:

Andre performed at a North Minneapolis Family Day event on August 27th. Here he is on bass with a band that includes former Revolution drummer Bobby Z.

Other clips:


  • D.R.

    I’m curious as well! I’ve done a few web searches over the years, and most references found are about his producing Jody Watley. But Livin’ in the New Wave and Survivin’ in the 80’s were awesome! I still have those albums, but unfortunately they didn’t survive the 80’s very well, due to excessive play.

  • Skip

    About 2 years ago, he came by my office with another guy (forgot his name, but he was in The System) and they had a kid with them and he played a few songs. They were both working with him on an album. Never heard anything since then, but he told me that he was doing some session stuff and producing. This was in NYC, by the way.

  • George in Minneapolis

    I saw Andre at the winter carnval doing a concert @ Roy Wilkins in like 83 he had a big fro and Surving the 80’s LP came out wow loved the video clip on You Tube And I thought his Biggest hit was Kellys Eyes any one pleasr respond we all loved Andre !!!!!

    • dee

      hello im a big fan of andre-i believe deep down prince was jealuos of him and dissed him
      please call dee 1313-948-2847
      people think it was all about micheal and prince but they dont understand prince was worried about andre and dez dickerson

  • PiccoloGT

    Reuinite the oringinal members for Prince’s band. Andre Cymone is the first person from Prince’s to make it. I have all of his single’s on CD and his CDS. James Brown’s death, the funk community realized that death is forever. It is time for him to record again, GO Dre.

  • Ecurb

    I’ve got the Girls on LP and burned it to CD I will try and convert to mp3 and upload them for you. I want some more info on Andre – I miss him.

  • Will

    Andre Cymone is a brilliant musician. He’s probaly having some challenging times.
    All of us go through the wilderness at some point in our lives. He had a song called
    “Voice on The Radio” and “Kelly’s Eyes” excellent songs. I had a girlfriend named
    Kelly so that song came to mind often. He did incredible production work on Jody
    Watleys’s stuff. Andre Cymone write your songs and throw down some heavy bass
    on them. Write from your heart, you can do it man. The songs and CDs are within you.
    You are not a throw-back to the 1980s but constantly moving foward. Stay encouraged Andre and keep your head up. Life doesn’t always work out the way that we plan it, but God Almighty had the plan before we came on the scene. Pray, seek
    His face, turn your life over to Lord Jesus. Listen to TD Jake’s song “Manifest” off
    of “A Wing And A Prayer.” You are a giant Andre, it’s time for you to walk in the
    now. Andre you are an incredible artist, use what God has given you brother. God
    made each person with a special design that can’t be duplicated. You are your own

  • Jenn

    I love Andre Cymone and have since I was 16 years old!!! That’s 24 years!!! lol
    Someone please let me know what is going on with him now.
    I would also love to get some of his music. Can someone point me in the right direction??

  • alisiamccottrelllawson

    I did not know anything about this artist until I searched for Jodi Watley. I am pleased to know who he is and what real challenges Prince and his band had. I am very pleased to know who Jodi Watley’s sister is as well as her ex-husband.

  • Manny Z

    In case you haven’t seen it, here’s an article I wrote on André Cymone and the Minneapolis scene, featuring an exclusive interview with John ‘Bam Bam’ Morgan, his drummer from his early 80s band.

  • darian



  • KEITH G.

    My two favorites of Andre’s were “Stay” and “Don’t let the future come down on you”, I also liked “Kelly’s Eyes”. I got my LP’s safely tucked away, I’m going to try to get one of those LP to MP3 players…

    Survivin’ in the 80’s! (+30)

  • Antonio

    My two favorites of Andre’s were “Stay” and “Don’t let the future come down on you”, I also liked “Kelly’s Eyes”. I got my LP’s safely tucked away, I’m going to try to get one of those LP to MP3 players…

    Keith, now your talking my language. Those are my two favorite Andre Cymone songs, too. I’ve beeen searching for anything on him for years with little luck. If you get one of those LP to mp3 players, please email a brotha. Thanks.


  • jonathan dumas

    My most favorite and inspiring artice of all time,where ever you are don,t let the future come down on you,the key to success or peace of mine is to get to know Jesus personally pray for whatever is in your heart and believe it. I had all 3 of your albums they inspired me to have drive and its OK to be different remember the hard you try the more you get satisfaction,to be the man of the future(m.o.t.f). hope to hear some real music and lyric from a true pioneer. J.D.

  • brian cobb

    No, but i do currently have a very clean 12inch by The Girls entitled “S-E-S-E-X” and man is it funky!! I am looking for the “Girl Talk” LP too. Happy Hunting!

  • brian cobb

    Wow you acually have the girls on vinyl! If you are talking about the entire “Girl Talk” LP, then do you think you can burn me a copy on cd with the song list attached. All i have is a 12inch by them called “s-e-s-e-x” and it’s pretty clean! well hit me back if u think u can do it, I have just about All of Taja Sevelle’s music on both vinyl and cd. Let me know what you like and maybe we can work something out. Thanx. Here is my e-mail add. teddyban4yellow@yahoo.com

  • brian cobb

    wow, could you send me a copy of the girls on cd, i would more than greatly appreciate it. I collect vinyl mainly from th 80’s and i have a slew of Prince-Related artist on original cd format, like Engrid Chavez’s entire album. Most people don’t even know that it really exist because they’ve only seen the 12′ singles. So hit me back if you feel we can work something out. thanx!

  • Nate

    I am a huge AC fan from back in the day and I want to know does anybody out there have Livin’ in the 80’s and Survivin in the 80’s on CD or mp3?I would like have both of those albums and would be willing to negotiate. Also, can anybody confirm that Prince, AC, and Morris Day formed a band in high school and what was the name of the band. If true, I would have loved to see that trio jam!

  • nupowr

    has anyone heard about the daughter of andre cymone and jody watley
    think she’s around 16 or 17 does she sing or play music?

  • CoolRay

    Andre is doing well. I am a personal friend of his and I see him quite often. He is still doing music but is very devoted to his family first. The man is still awesome and still has his musical touch. He is the other Minneapolis Genius. You may hear from him very soon. By the way, he and Jody have a son not a daughter.

  • Sharon

    I absolutely loooove AC. I pulled out my phonograph and listened to my collection of vinyl this afternoon. My favorites are Kelly’s Eyes and All I need it you. I hope all is well. I enjoyed knowing I am not the only fan left. Happy Holidays.

  • Johnjohn

    Dee, you can find the VIDEO for “Dance Electric” on Yahoo! Music (videos). If you’re tech savvy, you can also d/l it from there. 😉

  • Skinnydames

    Hey Andre they don’t write good songs like they used too, I like Lady Gaga and Jacki Evancho but it’s not old school like you, Prince, Shalamar and Switch.

  • Rcsmithiii

    I see I’m late but I’m a fan as well. I had a killer crush on this girl at my school – her name was KELLY!!! And I use to sing that song to her in the classroom (clowning!!!). I recently found Kelly on FB and I wanted to surprise her with that song. Thanks for the info!!! Good to know I’m not alone. SOL (smiling out loud)

  • Kad936

    Andre was like a big brother to prince. Prince would hang out at Andre’s house back in the early days.. Andre started the first band, which included Prince and And members of the Time band. However, Prince was far more talented and was much more charismatic.
    It was hard for Andre to face that fact, as he saw himself as someone who influenced Prince and predated Prince. Problem was he just did’nt have the talent to back it up..

  • Cool Time

    Andre Cymone will be  performing august 27 in north minneapolis on plymouth avenue
    at Family Day noon – 8 pm.
    I must be there!

  • Kellie Blanford

    I believe Andre was the sound behind Prince’s music, because if you take notice to after Andre left Prince, Prince’s sound completely changed and not for the better.  I always loved Andre’s music – MOTF was it for me.  I liked Kelley’s eyes, because my name is Kellie and I have green eyes – so you know of course that song was about me – LOL.  Not really, but in the 80’s it was.  I wish Andre all the best and am glad to hear that he is putting his family first.  I hope one day he will put something new out.  He was a genius and I hope Prince can one day do the right thing and give Andre credit where credit is due.


    I run Andre’s group pages on Facebook his old material has been released and remastered ..check the Andre Cymone ( New Wave Association) page on Facebook ..there’s two of them one is a.fan page the other is a group page.

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