Chocolate, Gonzo, and NYCD

Chocolate Genius

A few nudges in various directions tonight…

1. Tonight, I was flipping the channels and thankfully came across the latest ‘American Experience’ on PBS, focusing in on New Orleans. One of the folks offering their insight during the program was Kalamu ya Salaam. It took me only a few seconds to make the connection. Kalamu is one of the contributors on a great music blog called Breath of Life. He’s a writer, a fimmaker, a poet, and he calls a great city home: New Orleans.

So checking my latest RSS feeds after American Experience, I checked out the latest on Breath of Life, and found a great post on Marc Anthony Thompson, AKA Chocolate Genius. You Bruce fans know Marc from the recent Springsteen Seeger Sessions tour. Marc’s great voice was featured on “When the Saints…” and “Eyes on the Prize” throughout the tour (see this earlier post to watch Marc and Bruce sing a great version of Saints).

BOL’s post features a Chocolate Genius song from the movie American Splendor. It’s a slowed down, beautiful version of Marvin Gaye’s “Ain’t That Peculiar”, and you should definitely find time to read the post and listen to this great song.

Chocolate Genius – Ain’t That Peculiar

2. My fellow Prince geek and internet bud Zack has started up his own music blog called Gonzo’s Music-o-Rama. See a cool music blog grow from the ground up. He has some insightful and entertaining commentary, and some great posts thus far, like this one on the Raveonettes, and this one on the Police reunion. Go off and show him some blog-love (or blove, as Jefito calls it).

Gonzo’s Music-0-Rama

3. And last but not least, check out NYCD Online. Sal has been a music retailer in NYC for the lst 15 years, and shares some good tidbits about the music industry, including his take on last night’s Grammy Awards (we share several opinions).

NYCD Online: The Blog

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