The Stylistics and the Wonders of VHS

Arguably one of the finest love songs ever made, an offering to you and yours on this Valentine’s Day 2007.

So I hooked up the old VCR tonight and threw in a random tape circa 1986. What I found was a surprisingly good quality tape of old BET shows Video Vibrations and Video Soul (Donnie Simpson!), and an old Night Flight too. Right now it’s Whodini’s “Growing Up” (with Laurence Fishburne as a drug dealer: “How much can you stand little brother, how much can you stand?”). Followed by Boogie Boys’ “Dealing with Life”, EU’s “Do Your Thing”, and best of all, “The Wiggle” by Rapper’s Convention! Somebody email me with a tutorial on how to YouTube this stuff. Do I need to buy a $120 video card? Say no.

Jeeps, why did I tape a Geraldo Rivera special? Time to switch tapes…

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