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Mardi Gras in the Desert and the Upcoming Spector-acle

Big Chief Bo Dollis of the Wild Magnolias in the 70s

One of the very best things about life as a working adult is the three day weekend, and we are upon one again. Props to Abe and George for this President’s Day Weekend!

Ho Na Nae! So Mardi Gras has gone and snuck up on us again, and my wife and I will be celebrating Arizona style by checking out the Dirty Dozen Brass Band over in Scottsdale this weekend. I cannot wait!!

This is always a great time of year to check out Home of the Groove. Dan has cooked up a great post of NOLA Mardi Gras funk courtesy of the Wild Magnolias. Go check out the song “Ho Na Nae”. Of course if you’re ever in need of some New Orleans flavor, Dan serves it up all year long.

The Phil Spectacle: By no means do I take pleasure in the pain and suffering associated with the poor woman who was murdered at Phil Spector’s mansion in 2003. But I read today that the Spector murder trial will be televised, and you can bet it will be great. I can’t begin to fathom the amount of wack job awesomeness that will be broadcast over the airwaves for the weeks (or months) of the trial. I mean, is it possible for the murder trial of this man not to contain at least some entertaining moments?

phil spector


Check out this clip from End of the Century, where the Ramones discuss Phil, including the time he held them hostage at his home.

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