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The Future is Now

David Byrne

Hey, it’s my first post from my sweet new iMac! I tell you, there’s a lot of different little habits I need to break and re-acquire. Right clicking, for example. You don’t get the ol’ right click menu in Mac. But this thing is awesome. My poor family…

Starting off the Mac era, we go into the future. I was sitting in a Flagstaff, AZ bar several years ago (the Flagstaff Brewing Company, to be exact), and they were playing this cool David Byrne show. On came a familiar tune, and lo and behold, Byrne was covering Prince’s “The Future”, the opening track on his 1989 soundtrack to Batman. I’ve been trying to track it down since, and thanks to Zack on my Prince forum, I found it!

So take a listen. Then, take a listen to a pretty decent remix of Prince’s version.

David Byrne: The Future (mp3)

Prince: The Future (mp3) – remix


  • Rina

    Thanks for the Prince track, I only had that on cassette back in…89? (I think). Love Electric Chair, too and remember he performed it on SNL

  • Eric

    congrats on going Mac! I’ve always used one and swear by them. You can learn keyboard shortcuts (as I’m sure you already have) that work like right clicks.

  • Pierre Igot

    In order to make the right side of your Mighty Mouse bring up the contextual menu (right-click), go to System Prefs > Keyboard & Mouse > Mouse and select the “Secondary Button” option for the right click.

    Why this isn’t the default option, I don’t know :).

    Enjoy your Mac.

  • Bo-bella

    Hmm, good to know that you can activate a right click on a Mac. 🙂 Right clicking is very important to me…

    Ahhh Flagstaff. I miss it there…it smells like patchouli and pine trees.

  • Zack

    You know, everybody hates on the Batman album, but there are a few stellar tracks there – The Future, Electric Chair and Vicki Waiting being the first to come to mind.

    Arms of Orion is still cheesy as all get out, though.

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