My Dwight Masterpiece: If There Was a Way

If There Was a Way

Tonight I’m reaching back to the archives to my favorite Dwight Yoakam album, 1990’s If There Was a Way. It’s a great record start to finish, and my cassette – yes cassette – got many many listens in its day. Dwight has always remained a steadfastly old-school country-boogie-swingin’ honky-tonk man.

My two favorites off the album are the title track, and “Turn it On, Turn it Up, Turn Me Loose”. The latter track I’ve been looking for on YouTube for a while, and I finally found it. Who uploaded it to YouTube? Why, Warner Brothers Records, believe it or not! A step in the right direction, as the labels are figuring out how important this medium is to the future (and past) of music.

Dwight does himself a little acting in this video for “Turn it On…” As you may know, Dwight’s also established himself as a formidable actor in Hollywood. You all remember him as that prick Doyle in Sling Blade, right? This video precedes his first movie role, 1992’s Red Rock West, by two years.

So, in the annals of songs I’ll always love, I give you the video, courtesy of Warner Brothers, for “Turn It On, Turn It Up, Turn Me Loose.”

“If a tear should fall
If I should whisper her name
To some stranger I’m holdin’
While we’re dancin to an old Buck Owens soooong”

So naturally, your next inclination is to buy the album: If There Was a Way


  • Thierry

    Great album! Then again, I would argue that Dwight has yet to put out a bad one and that twenty years from now a handful of them will be held in as high esteem as Johnny, Willie, Merle or Waylon’s finest. Also, go see him live! I saw him last fall here in Toronto, when he played 2 1/2 hours (41 songs!) of breathtaking cosmic country with one of the best backing band in the business!

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