Happy Mom’s Day, now listen to George Michael

Photo of England’s Lake District taken by Nicolas Masse. See his Flickr site.

A Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there, including my beautiful wife and amazing mother, Myra. My own mom gave me the year off, as she’s currently traveling across England’s Lake Districton foot. She has my dad – the hiking fiend – to thank for that. My crazy pops hiked the John Muir Trail by himself, for crying out loud. My dad the sixty-something has a way of making this thirty- something feel very very lazy.

So I did the obligatory “mother” search in iTunes to see what I could post on this fine day, but nothing jumped out. I don’t think “Up Against the Wall, Redneck Mother” fits the occasion.

So instead, I’ll go with random stream of consciousness. I guess it’s the recent George Michael coverage. His older albums, especially ‘Faith‘ and ‘Listen Without Prejudice‘, really hold up to the test of time, in my opinion. These two songs from ‘Listen‘ prove my point…

George Michael: Freedom ’90 (mp3)

George Michael: Waiting for that Day (mp3)



  • Zack

    When I was in high school I picked up the 2-disc Ladies and Gentlemen…the Best of George Michael set. I was NOT expecting to be so impressed with his songwriting. Underrated.

    Kissing a Fool is just….damn!

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