Heartbreakers Friday

I ask you, what better way to kick off a weekend than with vintage Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers? Here’s a nice little set from early 1980 during a two night stand at the Hammersmith-Odeon in London town.

It’s nice to hear such great quality footage of a young and vibrant Tom Petty. He and the Heartbreakers still put on an amazing show, mind you, and every music lover should make it a point to see them live at least once – but this Tom Petty: the young, angry smartass – this is the live Tom Petty to behold.

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
March 7th, 1980
Hammersmith-Odeon, London
FM Broadcast (KBFH)

Anything that’s Rock n Roll
Even The Losers
I Need to Know
Don’t do me Like That
Cry To Me
American Girl
Too Much Ain’t Enough

YouTubin’ Petty


  • jeffro

    That armless guitar player was pretty cool! And nobody seemed to be stopping and watching, which I found quite surprising. However, I don’t think I’d want to borrow his guitar…

  • Charles

    I love the Tom Petty show,it’s a great performance! I just wish it was downloaded at a higher rate. It would have had better sound quality at 192kbps. Still I thank you for this great show.

  • Bill Cassara

    Great show. Thanks. I hate to disagree with the Ickmeister, but I saw Petty last summer, and he was not good. Just sounded very old and tired. But, then again, so am I.

  • Thierry

    I don’t know Bill – I saw him twice on last year’s summer tour, and he and the Heartbreakers were fantastic both times…

  • Bill Cassara

    It may just be in the eyes of the beholder. I saw him in Atlanta, and honestly thought it was awful. I never saw myself leaving a TP show early, as I am a huge fan, but I hit the exits before the encores were over.

  • Pete

    My last TP show was in 2000 three deep from the stage at The Joint in Las Vegas. Nothing will top that in my opinion. The only semi-recent Petty I’ve heard is from Bonnaroo last June, which was very spirited, and seemed great. I always just assumed his live show would be consistently good; but some nights are better than others probably, and we all have or own experience..

  • Shaughn


    I have been holding on to this really old tape since 1981, nice to have a CD quality version to listen to.

  • Dan

    I have heard here and elsewhere about bad TP shows last year. Don’t know what happened at those shows, but he was great at Jones Beach. And from what I heard, he was great at Bonnaroo.

    And this show rocks. Thanks, Pete!

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