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Wilco Video: You Are My Face

Wilco’s new CD, Sky Blue Sky, goes everywhere I go, and it’s really woven itself into my psyche. If you don’t have it, do yourself a favor. One of my favorites from the album has popped up in some live video action. My man Nels Cline – subject of my one and only interview thus far, kicks it into high gear with his guitar solo… I’m also LOVING Tweedy’s vocals on this tune, particularly in this part:

I have no idea how this happens
All of my maps have been overthrown
Happenstance has changed my plans
So many times my heart has been outgrown


  • BlueSkyMine

    I just picked this up on Friday and have only had one listen to it but I was blown away at that first listen. Thanks for the video… certainly a stand out track!

  • Ryan

    Some of their best work here! Many tracks start off mellow and then kick into some ferocious guitar and vocal licks. If you don’t like this album, I’m sure you’e love the new Maroon 5

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