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Prince y Grupo Fantasma

Prince with Grupo Fantasma
AP Photo / Mark J. Terrill

This past weekend in Pasadena, the National Council of La Raza’s ALMA Awards took place. Our very active little purple man was there, performing with 11-man Latin juggernaut Grupo Fantasma from Austin, Texas. Things seems to be falling into place for GF. They played with Prince at a Golden Globes aftershow party earlier this year, and had a weekday gig at Prince’s 3121 Club at the Rio in Vegas. This past weekend, not only did they back up Prince at the awards show, and play an aftershow with him in the lobby of the Roosevelt Hotel, but Prince also flew down to Austin to join them at a private party. There’s money well spent. Pay for Grupo Fantasma and get Prince thrown in for free? Not a bad deal.

I’m trying to figure out why Prince is crossing the country at the last minute to play with an 11-man Latin band. I’m convinced that he’s banging one of their sisters or cousins. If there’s one thing we know, it’s that Prince will move mountains for a little poonanny! I mean, didn’t he spend like 6 months in a studio with Kim Basinger convincing her she could sing?

The ALMA Awards will air Tuesday night on ABC at 8pm East / 7 Central (check your local listings, yada yada).

Grupo FantasmaSaca la Basura (mp3) – from Comes Alive

Grupo Fantasma’s Official Site | MySpace

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  • jda

    while most of your coverage was accurate, prince is NOT banging any gf cousins or sisters. gf is an amazing and hard working band. you don’t have to believe it. prince knows. it is all about the music.

  • tode u

    after reading your comments, i’m convinced that there’s a massive penis in your ass. furthermore, i’m convinced that there’s that your throat is so full of semen that you couldn’t speak the truth if you tries.
    god belss you my son, may many mens balls pass over your face,

  • Pete

    Well said tode u! Your homophopic eloquence is astounding.
    So it looks like I struck a nerve!

    Oh, relax, I kid the little purple guy. No knock on GF, I’m not questioning their talent.

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