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And a Bang on the Ear

A look back at more of the music that makes me tick. This is my favorite Waterboys song. From their great 1988 album, Fisherman’s Blues, it’s a bittersweet, nostalgic look back at the singer’s past loves. He sends them all his love, and a bang on the ear. No, not a wack upside the melon, but simply a kiss (according to Wikipedia)…

“And a Bang on the Ear”, in which Scott summarizes a past romantic attachment in each verse, finishing the song with a current “woman of the hearthfire”, was released as the second single from the album… Confusion amongst listeners about what a bang on the ear might be among prompted The Waterboys’ Frequently Asked Questions page to note, more than ten years later, that it was “a term of affection”. A ‘bang’ means a kiss…

Buy Fisherman’s Blues.

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  • bill cassara

    I must confess this is probably the first time I have ever heard a Waterboys song, but that is a great song. Thanks for the link.

  • Steve

    Fisherman’s Blues was an awesome album and the Waterboys were criminally underappreciated.

    Make sure you stop by my site this Friday for something that you’ll surely like if you dig the Waterboys…(not them but a group that’s very closely related!)

  • Pete

    And on a related note… I’m happy to throw up a live Waterboys show from their heyday. Maybe I’ll complement your post, Steve.

    Bill – definitely pick up Fisherman’s Blues. I know you’ll like it.

  • sean

    FB and their next, Room to Roam, are both tremendous and truly ageless. If you haven’t already, pick up the reissue for FB as it contains an even longer, and thus more glorious, “And A Bang on the Ear” and the Dylan covers on the bonus disc are excellent as well.

    Thanks for all your great posts

  • Pete

    Sean – many thanks for bringing up the reissue. How in the world I didn’t hear about it last summer when it was released is beyond me.

    And a longer “Bang on the Ear”? With more verses?

  • Goldy

    Pete: I have the reissue and the bonus disc (obtained through LaLa), and would be happy to upload it and provide you a link so won;t have to purchase it.

  • Pete

    Steve – I’ll try to get that show up this weekend…. your new World Party post is looking mighty tasty too. Can’t wait to check it out….

    Goldy – I have it on my birthday list, so odds are I’ll be getting it in a couple of weeks. But if you want to shoot me a link in the meantime, I would most certainly not object! 😉

  • Jesus Jeronimo


    I often visit here but never wrote before. FB rules!

    By the way, there was a new Waterboys album published a few months ago and it’s really good. There a couple of gems there. Recommended.

    Regards from Madrid and keep up the good work!

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