REM & Bruce – Man on the Moon

I had never seen this until tonight… from the Vote for Change mini tour which unfortunately did not accomplish its ultimate goal….



  • bill cassara

    Every once in a while I lose hope about the current state of rock n roll, and then something like this reminds me of why I love music. I am not the world’s biggest REM fan, but that is a great clip. Thanks for posting it.

  • Pete

    The great thing about Bruce as a special guest is his humility. He’s never there to upstage anyone or “take over”. He’s only there to offer support to the artist(s), and make them look better.

    What a great contrast and complement to eachother: Stipe and the Boss.

  • David M.

    Too. Freaking. Cool.

    I’d lost most of my interest in Bruce Springsteen, despite almost 30 years of devotion…got entirely too sick of having to wade through his politics to get to his music. I’d also grown tired of REM becoming the Michael Stipe Traveling Road Show, despite at one time being a huge REM fan, as well. This clip, however really knocked me out. Thanks for posting…

    David M.

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